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Fanfiction - old

NOT READ (gods)
Haunting You
Flipside (USA death) (countries interact people) (bunny wolf) (artz from fics) (Cana murder?) (Roma wants Spain) (Russia fairytale) (Greece/Cana) (101 Spain) (NA sisters) (Cana China) (Royale) (US Cana gf) (virgin Cana) (Cana revolution) (Sask pirate) (Waldo) (kindergarden) (orig Americas) (Korea control) (Rom Bulgaria) (UK/Cana bound) (GerIta Spamano) (seal hunting) (New Prussia) (Sask family) (US/Cana blind) (going to hell) (Cana UK) (Ita Rom differ) (alternive univ) (serial killer) (Spanish eyes) (F/G/P/R) (Bang Baby) (Loveless) (torture device) (Rom/US thinks US is girl) (spain thinks rom hates him) (deflower Cana) (Sweden father of US)
General Relativity - Canada/Teacher!America AU
Wired Differently Can/USA machine
Harvesting Tempest Romano Greece war
-- DRRR crossover Spamano well USano cuddles S&M!FrUk horrified!NAbros SwitzMello

NOT COMP (Turkanda)
--- (HRE returns) (USA meets C) (!Spain/Russia!) (USA babies) (no known cure)
--- (Mature - crisis)
--- (avenge)
--- (daffodil)
--- (Unlucky - Canada)
--- ---
--- --- --- (Itacest ger) (Germano mpreg) (Spamano confess AU) (chibi!Spain comic) (Western) (bank rob) (France self narration) (SIta/NIta rape)
--- (Spamano throw-up) (Itas purposely fail) (UK memory) (Roma smile)
Don't Look At Me (fem!Roma)
Definitely Memory Loss (Spamano memory)
Dirty Little Secret (Spamano fempreg)
Regrets (Spamano comic hurt) (Conquistador!Spain abducts teen!Romano) (Spamano Turkey!kidnapper) (Rom alt.uni) (Pru/uk rape) (fem!rom&trio jerk!uk) (memory!ita) (Super!Spain)
-- (Spamano puppy ears) (cutter Lativa)
-- (Spamano piss)
-- (Spamano first time cry) (Dark!Spain +)
-- (France POV) (Can+Ita forgotten loves) (Spamano spank) (UK/Spa sex) (US/UK police)

Financial Crisis (World/US gangbang)
Daddy's Little Girl
Conference (elementary school)
Rays of Sunlight (Russia/Latvia)
Untitled (Russia/Liet, US/UK, Latvia beating)
Aceto Balsamico (Prumano drinking)
Shadows (Prumano angst)
Gloria Patri (Vimy)
Are you there God? It's me, Canada
Prussian hug RP
4 fics about Ita surrender (GerIta noncon)
--- (ItaGer cuffs)
Wrong Things To Say (Spamano wrong name)
2 fics (Spain death)
Ignite (Spamano mpreg sex)
That's Amore (Prumano trick!love)
Daddy Denmark & Biology 101 (DenNor USLith)
May God grant me strength (Spamno deathfic)
Boredom spikes up ideas (badtouch+ita)
The Sweetest of Conquests (Rome/Spain)
Triumvirate (Korea & N+S Italy)
--- Bilateral (Korea/Romano)
Not One Word (F/A/C/E shout)
Passage (China/young!Korea)
What He Deserves (England rapes Spain, Romano watches)
[ ] (Spain tends wounds)
Vital Regions (Cana kiss)
Flowing music (P+A+I music)
Chopin (A+I)
Fermata (A+I music)
In Which France has a Brilliant Idea (Spamano ass)
Here is my Heart (Spain angst tomato)
Something New (USA/Cana standing)
Das Betthäschen (Prumano drunk)
Tomato Red/Despite everything, we're family (injured Spain)
Prisoner & sequel (jailed itas)
Curls fic
Trials (Cana murdered)
Blind Remembrance & Blood and Ash (Prussia Holocaust)
Communication is Key (Spamano handcuffs)
Fidelity (Spamano first time)
Dash of Courage, Pound of Pride (Spamano dark)
The Great Escape (Austria/Spain)
Fields of Sunshine (Spamano sex in tomato field) (Spamano laugh bet) (Spamano Ro!top)
Something Old, Something True (SuFin rings)
Lighting the fuse may result in a bang Prumano interrupted then fight
All These Years baby Germany older NIta

NON-FILLED (meeting haircurl) (blood) (Can, Ger, Rom) (Ita Rom cook) (Disney songs) (sing in car) (FAG pride) (Lat Swe crush) (USA Can den) (Can joke) (Spain Rom kill for you) (Delaware) (Enzai) (Hip Cana murder) (Snow White) (Mario Luigi) (NA grown up) (pulls out hair) (reincarnated) (hockey announcer) (animals) (Fin Welsh elf) (Mamma Ita) (panic attack) (Rom wants Spain gets Hun Ita help) (Vimy) (Norway=Espen) (pirate!Cana attacks Spain) (fail!twin trio) (New Prussia) (USA Rom) (NA native roots) (bad touch sing) (USA Ita Can Rom) (province) (Prumano preg) (Pokemon) (Liech/Any Rapunzel) (Spamano non-con cuddles) (Ukraine/fem!Romano mafia) (Ita crushes on Spain) (Itacest aphrodisiac) (Any/Any forced to sleep) (bad touch ita bros detective story)

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Art - Pixiv

(Looking for pics inspired by this:

Lovino Vargas and Grandpa Rome:

Grandpa Rome:

Lovino Vargas:

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Fanfiction - Livejournal

Not Filled Romano/Italy-Small touches turning Italy on Germany/Romano- Rape Germany/Spain + Italies - Foursome Spamano - Romano sleeps around, Spain finds out Germany/Fem!Italy - Many nations undergo mass inexplicable genderswitch Romano/Spain - Romano tops for the first time Austria/Ukraine- large tracts, skillful hands ChinaXKorea - Awkwardness Ensemble - Sent into a dystopian future Any/Any Split-Personality with each other Hancock Crossover , Itacest or Germacest Sparo: Not exactly m!preg (Sardinia) Spain/Romano- Torture kink Romano- objectophilia (object sexuality) SpainxRomano - Injection Any - How nation(s) react to changing ideas about sexuality, sex, and/or gender Spain/Romano- Making a child obey Italy/Germany - Buon San Valentino Redux Italy/Germany, Flirting Lessons Germany growing out his hair. Prumano-Romano using his skill to court Prussia Spain/Romano and hypnotism Veneziano/Romano <--Spain: Spain wants Romano Spain and Romano- In which a spell goes wrong (ibex) Denmark kidnaps Romano and forces him to be his sex slave. Spamano - Five times Romano tried to tell Spain how he felt Spain/Romano - Romano kidnapped & Spain goes Yandere Spain/Romano: Romance Novel Hetalia - The Telenovela Spain/Romano - Spain serenades Romano HRE/Italy - HRE kept a diary Any/any - How various nations say "I love you" without words Spain/Romano, Italy - Talking while having sex Spain/Romano Trying for a baby Any/Any The love is gone Any/any: Nations are kidnapped and experimented on "for the good of humanity" Itacest - Sex in a church Itacest: Curl Play Any/Any Language reversion Hanatama family - Sealand's rebellious phase Various pairings - Prussia plays matchmaker GerIta and Any/Romano - Overhearing rough sex and jumping to the wrong conclusion Ukraine(/Canada?), Any, White Tights USUK King Arthur AU

Filled Italy/anyone, Why Italy doesn't fight Anyone/Spain-Rape Gerita & Spamano - Family strife & German culture shock in the Mediterranean Any/Any – Sex in altered state Turkey/Romano - Strictly Sex England + world – Mommy!England acting motherly Any & Any- Sleeping togther(just sleeping) Any Nation. After a certain amount of time they are replaced. Any x Any: Nightmares Itacest - Veneziano tops! All nations - feminism + sexism Prussia/Romano - house-sitting (AU) Germany/Italy, domestic slice of life Any/England- Low self esteem Any/Any - Why I love you